Humble TX Pet Waste Scooping

Without the help of a Humble TX pet waste scooping company, your local water supply could be in danger. Of course, the environmental impacts of leaving waste on your lawn are obvious; the piles of poop can lead to a scorched lawn and an unpleasant number of pests such as rats, flies and millipedes.

What you may not know is that a Humble dog poop removal business can actually help you protect drinking water sources for your entire community. In a country in which our dogs alone produce 4.4 billion pounds of waste annually, the importance of cleaning up after our pups has never been greater.

How Humble TX pet waste scooping can give you peace of mind

A single day’s waste from your family pet can contain millions of fecal coliform bacteria — enough to contaminate your yard and slowly begin leaching into the soil. Some areas with sensitive populations such as shellfish have seen a significant increase in food safety problems because of pet waste being washed into bodies of water.

Pet waste can also contain dangerous organisms such as salmonella, giardia, campylobacteriosis, roundworm and toxoplasmosis. Our Humble dog poop removal business can help you eliminate these environmental health scourges from your lawn so you are not responsible for endangering water supplies in your neighborhood.

Committed to your safety

No other form of pet waste scooping in Humble TX is as thorough or environmentally responsible as the Scoop Soldiers. We boast a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, promising that we will eliminate all waste, every time.

We dispose of the waste off-premises so you do not have to deal with smelly trash cans. Our disposal processes are fully compliant with regulations promulgated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Why consider any other source for your Humble TX pet waste scooping? Go green and select our responsible, customer-oriented operation. You will not be disappointed!