Katy Dog Poop Scooper

No lawn can look its best without a solid Katy dog poop scooper service. Dog poop is a major hazard to lawns — the chemicals and bacteria in the poop will kill grass, leaving you with dead spots throughout your yard.

That is, of course, unless you pick up the poop in a timely fashion. It’s perfectly possible to own a dog and still maintain a picturesque property and our poop scooper company in Katy TX can show you how.

Trusted dog poop scooper service in Katy

Scoop Soldiers can visit your property weekly or bi-weekly (schedule up to three visits per week!) to find and remove the feces left behind by your dog. This is a comprehensive Katy scooper service that includes, not just removal, but haul away and disposal are also available at no extra charge.

The technicians that we utilize for our Katy dog poop scooper service know how to spot piles of poop all throughout your property — even in gardens and flowerbeds so that it does not affect the growth of your shrubs, plants, and trees.

Target dog poop — one pile at a time

Scoop Soldiers was formed in 2010, affiliated with a well-known local lawn and landscape company. We know lawns and we know that dog poop can make it nearly impossible for you to maintain a nice, healthy looking lawn.

Our poop scooper company in Katy TX will ensure that your lawn remains healthy. If spots have already died, we can make minor repairs or refer you to a local, skilled service that can do it for you.

Don’t let your lawn fall apart just because you own a dog or allow pets on your commercial property. Scoop Soldiers can fight against the effects of pet waste with our Katy dog poop scooper service. Check out our scheduling options and let us know what we can do for you.