Professional Katy pet waste removal is something that almost anyone with a dog can benefit from. After all, who wants to spend huge chunks of their time pacing around their property looking for mounds of dog poop to remove?

This chore has to be done, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be done by you. Scoop Soldiers is the proud provider of reliable Katy pet waste scooping. We bring this helpful service to a wide range of clients, offering packages that are tailored to fit their exact needs.

  • Residential dog owners: No house is complete without a trusty dog — at least, in our opinion. With pet waste removal in Katy by Scoop Soldiers, you don’t have to inherit a major chore just to find the joy of pet ownership. We can visit you up to three times a week if you own multiple dogs, but we also offer once-a-week and bi-weekly services.
  • Pet-friendly commercial property managers: Our poop scooping company in Katy TX also takes on commercial clients, handling the needs of these larger properties. Prices for this service can range — if you need Katy pet waste removal for your commercial property, then contact a team member for a free quote.

Scoop Soldiers offers Katy pet waste scooping to everyone — from those who are unable to physically get outside and do this themselves to the people who simply are too grossed out to want to do it. We have you covered!

Guaranteed Katy pet waste scooping — at an affordable price

We protect our service with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We won’t leave your property until it is completely free of offensive dog poop.

Get started with our Katy pet waste removal. Submit a request for a free quote online or talk directly to our customer service staff.