Katy Pooper Scooper Service

Did you know that our Katy pooper scooper company, Scoop Soldiers, can keep your yard tidy and clean with professional service and reasonable rates? We understand that you lead a busy life that does not leave much time for your personal relaxation and time with family — why would you waste that time picking up waste?

Make your yard the envy of your neighbors with less effort than ever by consulting our experts in pooper scooper service in Katy TX. We can’t wait to help you start enjoying your lawn and your weekends without the strenuous effort of cleaning up after your own pups.

Why you should consider a Katy pooper scooper?

For many of us, hiring a pooper scooper service in Katy TX seems like a pipe dream: too expensive, too inconvenient and simply too luxurious. However, there are many legitimate reasons to hire a pooper scooper service, many of which have to do with the continued health of your lawn.

A pooper scooper in Katy can help you clean up your pup’s poop in short order; without that treatment, your dog’s waste could stick around in your lawn for up to a year. Furthermore, allowing your dog’s waste to accumulate in your lawn leads to an increase in the number of unpleasant critters that will visit your home and family.

Dog waste has the tendency to attract creepy crawlies such as maggots and millipedes — yuck! Why would you want to expose your loved ones to such an experience? You do not have to suffer through the smelly, polluting substance that is taking over your lawn.

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Whether you have one dog or manage a pet-friendly commercial property, Scoop Soldiers can help you keep your property clean and tidy. In fact, our prices are the same for up to four pups on a single property. No other Katy pooper scooper is as reasonably priced or responsive to your needs. Let us get started today!