Professional Katy TX pet waste removal is so much more than simply making sure that your lawn looks tidy for the neighbors. Maintaining a waste-free lawn provides you with a safe, clean space for your kids to play, allowing you to host parties and prevent neighborhood pollution.

If you are struggling to keep up with the poop produced by your pups, it is time to consider hiring a Katy pet waste service. Imagine the benefits of multiple cleanings every week — you could kick back and relax without having to stress out about the appearance of your property! If you would rather, Scoop Soldiers also provides thorough one-time cleaning to get you started down a tidier path on your own.

No matter your needs, Scoop Soldiers is here to help you clear the “land mines” that lead to so much frustration in your everyday life.

Is Katy TX pet waste removal right for me?

Pet waste removal in Katy TX can solve far more problems than you might imagine.

  • First, many homeowners worry about their children playing in a contaminated yard — both for their own health and for overall cleanliness.
  • With Scoop Soldiers, you can rest assured that your little ones are playing in a comfortable environment, no matter how many dogs are on the property. Our Katy pet waste service has the same prices for up to four dogs per household, and we do not charge for larger yards.
  • In addition, dog owners need to be aware that municipalities can fine their residents if their yards are not presentable. This can include trash and weeds, but dog poop is also an element that could lead to legal problems with the city.

Avoid this negative outcome by seeking the help of our Katy TX pet waste removal service. With our wide variety of options, you are certain to find a service that is right for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.