Katy TX pet waste scooping is a far more important chore than you might think. Although picking up after your pet may seem like a minor task that can wait until the weekend, a lot more is at risk.

Your family could suffer health problems and your local water sources could become contaminated if you fail to tidy your pet’s waste. If you are too busy to spend the time attending to this chore, the consequences could be dire.

Instead of waiting for this to happen, rely on Scoop Soldiers and our Katy dog poop removal business to help you get the job done right every time. Our team of reliable staff members makes worrying about pet waste scooping in Katy TX a thing of the past. We handle both residential and commercial jobs.

Hand over the unpleasant task to our Scoop Soldiers professionals and start spending your weekends enjoying your yard or property instead of dodging those “land mines.”

Why Katy TX pet waste scooping is important for your health and safety

If you have a family with young children, you might not realize how disastrous an encounter with dog waste might be. Animal poop can harbor a variety of dangerous microbes such as giardia and salmonella, which can lead to health issues ranging from mild discomfort to more serious ailments.

Giardia and coccidia can both be transferred to humans and other dogs from an initial pile of waste. This is just one reason to consider the assistance of our Katy dog poop removal business — you simply cannot risk the health of your family members or the folks on your property.

Our Scoop Soldiers team makes using a Katy TX pet waste scooping service easy and convenient. We can schedule pickup times to suit your needs, and we can even remove waste while your dog is in the yard. As pet lovers, we are prepared to help you maintain a fresh, inviting lawn for both your pups and your friends. Contact us today to learn more!