Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where we faithfully serve the local area as the premier La Porte poop scoop company. With our expert staff on your side, you can ensure that your lawn or property stays clear of germ-ridden pet waste.

Just like you might hire professionals to mow your grass or maintain your lawn, Scoop Soldiers is here to offer pet waste disposal in La Porte TX. After all, it’s impossible to have a nice looking, clean property when pet waste is all over. Plus, no landscaping company is going to do this dirty work for you.

Specializing in pet waste removal

Scoop Soldiers focuses in on one thing, and one thing only — pet waste removal. Our poop scoop company in La Porte diligently seeks and destroys all piles of pet waste on your property. These stinky little gifts are bagged up and disposed of off site.

You don’t have to worry about lingering germs, bacteria or a foul smell. Our La Porte poop scoop company goes the extra mile to eliminate every sign that pet waste was ever there.

Scheduling your service

Scoop Soldiers offers weekly, bi-weekly and one-time service, all of which comes at an affordable rate. Once you schedule your pet waste disposal in La Porte TX, you are not obligated to a long-term contract. You can change — or even halt — your service without fear of penalty fees.

Once you have your service scheduled, our crews will show up to your property on time, ready to work their magic. We back our service with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can trust you will get great results every single time.

Stop worrying about pet waste and what it might do to your lawn or pets. Contact our La Porte poop scoop company and get a crew of professionals to take care of it for you.