Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, where, back in 2010, we threw our hat in the ring to serve the local community as the premier Missouri City pooper scooper. Years later, we still hold this title with pride — a title that can be validated by our long list of satisfied clients.

We are passionate about our pooper scooper service in Missouri City TX, and it was this passion that led us to establish Scoop Soldiers in the first place.

  • As serial entrepreneurs with experience in the lawn maintenance industry, we knew that it was nearly impossible to maintain a great looking property with pet waste all over. That’s why we offer the services of a trained, professional pooper scooper in Missouri City to keep your property clean.
  • We are dog lovers — we own them and love them. That’s why we wanted to provide a service that benefits both pets and the people that own them. We even handle large commercial jobs to help create dog-friendly properties all over the Missouri City area.
  • Also, we are a locally owned Missouri City pooper scooper, which means we have a passion and dedication to service the fellow members of our community. This is another factor that drives us to do the work we do every week.

These aren’t just talking points either — we back it up with thorough pooper scooper service in Missouri City TX that eliminates all the pet waste on your property and takes with it the germs, bacteria and smell. We essentially erase all the signs that dogs have been on your property — which is a good thing.

Don’t resort to doing this yourself, especially when you have a professional Missouri City pooper scooper right in your own back yard. Let us go to work for you — contact our team or submit your information for a free quote!