Pasadena TX Pooper Scooper

When you have finally had it with picking up after your own dogs, then consider calling in an elite Pasadena TX pooper scooper service. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we have gone to battle for so many local men and women that we have pet waste removal down to a science.

We practice Pasadena safe dog poop clean up, meaning that our methods and approach will ensure the safety of both your pets and loved ones. Just consider some of the following:

  • Some services don’t consider the risk of cross contamination when moving from job to job. Instead of bringing the germs and bacteria from another job to your property, we sanitize all of our tools and equipment for your safety.
  • Pet waste carries extensive germs and bacteria. This is especially a hazard for your pets, as feces is one of the primary ways that diseases are passed from dog to dog. However, it serves as a hazard to people as well.
  • Our Pasadena TX pooper scooper service removes every single mound of pet waste — even those that are hard to find. Because, after all, the job is not complete until your property is completely clear and clean.
  • Also as a part of our pooper scooper service in Pasadena TX, Scoop Soldiers takes measures to sanitize your property so that stray germs and bacteria are not left behind. This is the most thorough approach to pet waste removal as you will find on the market.

This form of Pasadena safe dog poop clean up will leave you with a property that not only looks great, but is also completely dog friendly and free of the germs and bacteria that can put people at risk. Really, these are invaluable benefits for a very manageable price tag.

Talk to Scoop Soldiers about our Pasadena TX pooper scooper service. Contact a member of our staff for a free quote or to schedule your service.