Put professional Porter pooper scooper services to work on your residential or commercial property. All you need to do is talk to our friendly team at Scoop Soldiers to get it started.

We are a locally owned and operated Porter pooper scooper company that takes pride in offering regularly scheduled pet waste removal service. As our client, you are able to schedule visits as often as three times a week or as seldom as once a week. We even offer one-time clean-ups if you aren’t interested in ongoing service.

Our pooper scooper services in Porter TX eliminate mounds of pet waste that quickly accumulate on your property when dogs are around. You could do this chore yourself, but that would require hours of your time each week. Or, you can ignore the problem completely, but it’s not going to go away.

Finally, you can bring in our Porter pooper scooper services to make sure the job is done right. After all, it takes a relatively thorough process to make sure that this chore is done correctly.

  • It’s important to not leave a single mound of waste behind, otherwise, you’re defeating the purpose of it all by leaving germs and bacteria on your property.
  • Removing the actual waste is only half the battle. Our Porter pooper scooper company uses eco-friendly solutions to sanitize the area to address the germs and bacteria that linger behind.
  • Our pooper scooper company in Porter TX removes the waste from your property completely. We bag it up in decomposable bags and dispose of the waste at an offsite location.

Do you have the time, energy or resources to do all that? Probably not — but we do. Our Porter pooper scooper services deliver all this, and more, for an affordable price. See how affordable by submitting a request for a free quote.