South Houston Pet Waste Removal

If your lawn or property more resembles a doggy toilet than it does an actual yard, then call in Scoop Soldiers for some serious South Houston TX pet waste removal. We know how quickly pet waste can accumulate on your property and how it will make it look gross and unsanitary.

We do something about it with our South Houston pet waste removal services. With our help, you can maintain a property that is not only clean and sanitary, but also looks great. That’s because:

  • Our pet waste removal in South Houston TX keeps pet waste off of your lawn on a weekly basis. This makes sure that the chemicals in the waste don’t have time to kill portions of your grass.
  • We sanitize the area even after we have removed the dog poop. That’s because germs and bacteria can be left behind and harm your lawn.
  • With our South Houston TX pet waste removal, you can even address the odor that is often left behind when your lawn hasn’t been treated in a while. This might invite flies and other unsavory pests to your property.

At Scoop Soldiers, we not only specialize in South Houston pet waste removal services, but the founders behind our company have an extensive knowledge of lawn repair and maintenance. This is a knowledge that extends throughout our pet waste removal company in South Houston.

This means that we can help make small repairs to your lawn when they are needed or refer you to other professionals that can help with larger fixes.

Don’t let your dog’s waste ruin your property. Take action with Scoop Soldiers and our South Houston TX pet waste removal. Scheduling your service is ultra-simple and fast.