If you are finding that too much of your time is being occupied with the never-ending task of picking up dog poop from the yard, then you owe it to yourself to look into hiring South Houston pooper scooper services.

At Scoop Soldiers, we are dog owners ourselves. That means we know how long it can take to get out in the yard with a garbage bag and shovel in search of these stinky little presents left behind by your dogs. In fact, that’s essentially the reason we started a professional South Houston pooper scooper company.

We wanted to take out a lot of the work that comes with owning a dog or managing a pet-friendly property. No other chore is more time-consuming yet important than picking up waste left behind by these animals. And, our pooper scooper services in South Houston TX makes sure it gets done.

Save your time with our South Houston pooper scooper services

Much of the reason why this chore is so time consuming is because it really needs to be done each week. It’s impossible to get ahead on it when your dog or dogs are constantly going to the bathroom.

That’s why our South Houston pooper scooper company offers weekly service. This means, each week (up to three times a week) our scoopers will visit your property and remove the pet waste, making sure to sanitize your property to kill the germs and bacteria.

Our service scheduling is flexible, too. If you want us to visit every other week, we can make it happen. Our pooper scooper company in South Houston TX also offers one-time cleaning services.

There are no contracts or hidden fees involved — just honest, affordable South Houston pooper scooper services that save you serious time and hassle. Check in to our service right now. We’d love to answer your questions.