Stafford Pooper Scooper Service

Did you know that a Stafford pooper scooper can save you more than just time and energy? If you are currently falling behind with cleaning up after your pets’ waste, our pooper scooper service in Stafford TX can provide added value – and even save you money – by protecting your lawn and landscaping.

Many area residents do not realize that dog poop is not healthy for their yards. Unlike herbivores, whose waste is used to fertilize crops and plants, dogs’ diets prevent their feces from aiding growth. In fact, your dog’s waste is so acidic that it can actually work its way into your lawn care equipment and cause problems with the internal machinery.

Dog waste is not only unpleasant and smelly – it can be flat-out damaging to your personal property and even your health. With the help of a pooper scooper in Stafford, you can prevent these unpleasant outcomes and enjoy a fresh, tidy yard.

Our Stafford pooper scooper expertise

We all know that dog waste can be stinky, but there are other ramifications for leaving piles of poop in your yard. Consider the fact that dog waste:

  • Attracts flies, maggots, millipedes, parasitic worms and even rats to your yard
  • Can leach into local water supplies, causing imbalance and contamination
  • Scalds your lawn, leaving obvious and unsightly yellow spots
  • Carries dangerous microbes that can harm your other animals, children and friends

When you seek the help of the Scoop Soldiers’ pooper scooper service in Stafford TX, you can avoid all of these negative outcomes. We are thorough and quick, providing you with a beautiful, tidy lawn, no matter the number of dogs you have. Our technicians are pet-lovers, so they will even clean the yard with your dog outside.

No other Stafford pooper scooper company is nearly as dedicated to client satisfaction as the Scoop Soldiers. Let us help you clear the “land mines” from your property for a reasonable price.