Stafford TX Pet Waste Removal

When you are seeking the most reliable, experienced Stafford TX pet waste removal option, look no farther than the Scoop Soldiers. Enlisting our team of professional waste technicians means that you can enjoy a fresh, tidy lawn year-round without the inconvenience of removing your dogs’ poo on your own.

Our Stafford pet waste service is perfect for everyone; whether you have a single dog and a small yard or up to four dogs on a larger plot, we can accommodate your needs. You, too, can afford the luxury of having a team of professionals remove dog waste from your lawn. Our reasonable prices start at just $9.99, so treat yourself!

You deserve to feel the lower stress and worry that comes along with a trustworthy provider of pet waste removal in Stafford TX.

How Stafford TX pet waste removal can help you and your lawn

Did you know that many housing developments and municipalities have rules about picking up dog waste? If you leave poop in a visible area, you could be required to pay a significant fine and raise the ire of your neighbors.

Who could blame you, though, for failing to complete this unpleasant chore when you are always on the go? Here is where our Stafford pet waste service comes to the rescue!

We can help you prevent municipal fines and improve the appearance of your lawn through our comprehensive services. Contrary to popular opinion, dog waste is not a fertilizer; in fact, it can kill your grass if left in one place for too long. Dog waste is also unsightly, smelly and dangerous because it attracts bugs and parasites.

Why take the risk of sickening your friends, family or other animals? You do not have to take that chance if you enlist the services of the Scoop Soldiers for Stafford TX pet waste removal. Contact us today to learn about our many affordable options!