Sugar Land Pooper Scooper Service

Stop letting pet waste ruin your property and call in an experienced Sugar Land pooper scooper from our team. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we help you undo the troubles that plague your lawn on behalf of pet waste.

How dog poop interacts with your grass and landscape

So many clients — both residential and commercial — turn to our pooper scooper service in Sugarland TX to help keep their properties looking clean, well-manicured and pristine. This isn’t possible when you have little, stinky landmines left behind by a bunch of dogs.

If you can’t pick up these messes yourself, you should turn to a pooper scooper in Sugar Land. After all, pet waste can have a dire effect on your property, including:

  • Killing grass with its toxins
  • Causing bald spots in your lawn
  • Create a hidden hazard for both pets and humans
  • Create a foul odor that hovers over the property
  • Litters your property with germs and bacteria

That doesn’t exactly sound like a prize-winning lawn, does it? With the help of a Sugar Land pooper scooper from our team, you can eliminate one major hazard that can be dragging your lawn or property down.

Trust the pet waste removal AND lawn care gurus

One major upside of our pooper scooper service in Sugarland TX is that it was built by the same men and women that brought you Emerald Lawn Care. This is a local lawn care company that has helped scores of residents achieve a great looking lawn.

We apply this lawn care knowledge to what we do with our pooper scooper company. This is how we know what to do in order to preserve the beauty of your lawn.

Don’t let pet waste trash the property you worked so hard to maintain. Let Scoop Soldiers work its magic and erase this unsanitary problem. Schedule your appointment with a Sugar Land pooper scooper.