The Woodlands Pooper Scooper Service

When you work with a The Woodlands pooper scooper from Scoop Soldiers, you are getting an incredible value for a minimal price. That is one of the philosophies we built this company on — allowing pet owners and property managers of all budget levels to have access to our service.

With our pooper scooper service in The Woodlands TX, you are able to keep your lawn and property clear of pet waste on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. With regular visits from our pooper scoopers, you don’t have to worry about mounds of dog poop accumulating on your property, along with germs and bacteria.

Affordable price, undisputed quality of service

Each pooper scooper in The Woodlands from our staff works hard to make sure that your property is left 100 percent clean once we are done. That means picking up and disposing of each mound of waste and utilizing sanitation methods to destroy the germs and bacteria.

We completely erase the stinky signs of dogs and you don’t even have to lift a finger. You can summon a The Woodlands pooper scooper to your property for under $10 a visit. Our staff can talk to you more about our scheduling and pricing options.

Don’t waste your time doing it yourself

So many people take advantage of our pooper scooper service in The Woodlands TX because they don’t care to take on this chore themselves. Even if you spend hours out in the yard picking up poop, there is still a chance that you missed a step or two, leaving your property infested with germs and bacteria.

Make sure this important job is done the right way by counting on a The Woodlands pooper scooper from our staff. Scoop Soldiers is here to serve by doing your dirty work.