The Woodlands TX Pet Waste Removal

Thanks for visiting Scoop Soldiers, home to the best The Woodlands TX pet waste removal service. We want to help you maintain a pet-friendly property — whether it is the lawn at your home, or you manage a property. We have the tools, knowledge and hard work to keep your property clean and safe for everyone — and everything — on it.

Great looking, safe properties are our priority

When it comes to reliable The Woodlands pet waste service, you need one that will not just make your property look clean, but ensure that it is actually sanitary. Pet waste isn’t just nasty to look at — it packs a lot of unsavory things and also attracts pests. These hazards include:

  • Germs
  • Bacteria
  • coli
  • Flies, maggots, millipedes
  • Rodents

Dog poop clearly is the first step in your property becoming unsanitary for both pets and people alike. Luckily, our pet waste removal in The Woodlands TX doesn’t let it get to that point. We stay on top of this chore with weekly or bi-weekly service.

Get regular visits from our skilled team

Many of our clients schedule their The Woodlands pet waste service on a weekly basis. This means that our scoopers will visit you once a week and make sure that no pet waste is left behind on your property.

Our The Woodlands TX pet waste removal service is thorough and focused on sanitation. We remove all the waste on your property, dispose of it offsite and even take careful, calculated measures to sanitize your property. You are left with a clean property that everyone can enjoy.

For years, Scoop Soldiers has been servicing clients in the region — both residential and commercial. Let us show you how we can whip your property into shape. Contact our team and let’s talk about The Woodlands TX pet waste removal.