How to Keep the Dog Entertained When the Kids Go Back to School

Summer is winding down, and that means kids are heading back to school to start another year. With the kids being home all summer, your pup has probably gotten used to being occupied with frequent walks, belly rubs and cuddles. Your fur baby will miss your little ones without a doubt, but Fido’s summer fun doesn’t have to end entirely! These four tips are sure to keep your dog entertained during school hours so that the separation isn’t too ‘ruff’:

Order scrumptious gourmet dog treats

Spoiling your dog with delicious treats will keep them busy gnawing and chewing for hours. After your kids head out to school in the mornings, give your pup a taste of a classic PB&J with the Large Peanut Butter & Jelly Filled Duo Bone by Redbarn Pet Products. Made with a natural beef femur bone and stuffed with tons of flavor, this perfect treat is a paw-some way to get rid of your dog’s boredom and reduce stress. However, it is important to always give treats responsibly, so make sure someone is home to monitor and supervise your pup while they enjoy. Let the chop-licking begin!

Invest in an automatic ball launcher

An automatic ball launcher will keep your little Air Bud running and jumping until he’s all tuckered out. The iFetch Toois designed to last up to 300 throws before needing a recharge and includes four different distance settings: 10, 25, or 40 feet.

Hire a dog walker

We know — nothing makes your dog perk up quite as much as going for a W-A-L-K. Don’t know a dog walker in your area? Not a problem! There are several apps out there to help you find the perfect local fit for your energetic pooch, like Rover and Wag! They’ll even send you notifications with updates about your dog’s route, walking distance and bathroom and water breaks!

Take time to snuggle during the mornings and evenings

If your pup is going to be alone at the house during school hours, make sure you and your kids spend plenty of time cuddling with your furry family member before and after school. Dogs are creatures of habit, so they’ll look forward to those early morning and late afternoon snuggles.

Now that you know exactly how to keep your dog entertained during the school year, let Scoop Soldiers reclaim your yard and help with the dirty work all year long. If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or the Phoenix Metro area, reach out to us today to schedule your first poop scooping! You’ll be in the hands of the top-rated pet waste removal company in the southwest and Atlanta.

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