How to Prep Your Dog for Chilly Walks

Here in the southwest, we don’t exactly get the same chilly days as our northern counterparts. However, when we do reach those freezing mornings, it’s hard to get both you and your pup motivated for that daily walk. Regardless, your furry friend still needs the exercise before you go off to work! To help prepare your pal for these chilly months, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that will help your furry friend from getting too cold:

Limit time outside

First things first, if it feels too cold outside for you, then it’s probably too cold for him too. Bitter temperatures may call for a shorter walk (think around 10 minutes). If you can’t take the frigid air yourself, maybe just a quick trip outside to use the bathroom will suffice for your pup.

Keep up with the weather forecast

If you see those low numbers coming, ramp up your doggie’s diet. This increase in fat helps him burn more energy, therefore keeping him warmer!

Bundle up

Invest in some sweaters or puppy-vests that will act like another layer of fur for your chilly friend. Not to mention he’ll be the most stylish pup in the neighborhood!

Don’t forget the booties

No matter what haters say, booties are good for your pup. Chemicals used to melt ice on the roads and sidewalks can harm a dog’s paws. Have your furry friend try out some booties; if he isn’t a fan, try rubbing petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the paw pads to reduce the chances of chapped or irritated paws.

Cool it on the grooming

Opt out of the short-coat puppy look during the coldest months. A dog’s coat is meant to keep them warm and cozy. Also, stay away from frequent baths! The chemicals from the soap will strip away essential oils that will dry out any animal’s skin.

As you grab your jacket on your way outside, be sure to think about your pooch as well. Their wonderful coat isn’t just for petting; it is for keeping them warm. While you and your fur friend enjoy the winter months together, let Scoop Soldiers take care of the dirty work! If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or the Phoenix Metro area, contact us today to schedule your first poop scooping! As the top-rated pet waste removal company in the southwest, we’ll make sure your yard is clear of landmines so you, your kids and your dog all have a clean space to run and play.

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