How to Prepare your Dog for a Return to “Normal”

With many of us working remotely, our pups have gotten used to us being around all day to hang out with them. Knowing this, it can be very jarring for them when you start going back to the office. To help your pooch prepare for your inevitable departure, check out our tips below!

  • Practice a Routine
    Your pup loves following a routine – it’s something that alleviates stress for dogs and humans! Before heading back to work, spend a week building your routine. This routine could include putting on your work attire, eating breakfast at a certain time and leaving for short periods of time. Once your pup starts to understand that this is the new normal, when you leave for work, they won’t be so surprised. Spend some time every day working on enforcing this routine – your dog will thank you for it later!
  • Rearrange Your Schedule
    Your pup is now used to being able to go out whenever they want, but that is likely going to change when you go back to work. Work on getting back to your dog’s normal routine. Try to make your pooch wait longer between walks in order to prepare them for the long work-day that they will spend at home. If your dog spends time in a crate normally during work, try to get them to take naps in the crate so they can get reacquainted. Rearranging your schedule and getting your pup used to their new normal is important for their comfort and anxiety.
  • Give Your Pup Something to Do
    Some pups enjoy lying around doing nothing, but others are active and enjoy playing with toys or searching for things in the house. Interactive toys for dogs can be very useful in helping your pup cope with his boredom. These toys are important for building up your pooch’s independence and self-confidence and can help them deal with separation anxiety by giving them something to do while you’re away. 

Leaving your pup while you’re at work may seem hard since we’re all acclimated to spending so much time at home now, but the best thing that you can do is prepare your pooch for the big changes that are incoming. 

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