Is Your Backyard Safe for Your Dog?

Dogs are born with the desire and need to run and release their energy. Well, most of them! (We all know that lazy pup.) As much as you want to spend time exercising with your dog, sometimes you only have time to open the backdoor and let ‘em run free. Unsupervised, a dog will forget all the rules and explore anything and everything they can get their paws on. Is your backyard really safe for your dog? Follow our tips below to ensure your pooch comes back inside the same way they left:

  1. Remove hazardous plants

Do some research on the type of toxic plants that are common in your state and neighborhood area. Then, take a quick walk around your yard to investigate. Even just a small sprout or flower could be deadly to your dog, and it’s far better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Invest in a good fence

One of the most painful things to go through is having your dog run away from home. You may think your pooch will stay put (and most of the time they will), but it’s game over as soon as that squirrel runs through the crack in the fence. Make sure to invest in a fenced-in yard and always keep gates closed. Also, be sure to keep up with inspecting and maintaining the fence base frequently for holes or loose boards.

  1. Keep the grass trimmed and yard clean

Longer grass and unkempt yards are typically a breeding ground for snakes, fleas, ticks and other insects that could harm your pet. Make sure you’re keeping up on your lawn mowing and trimming, and always remember to pick up any poop piles that accumulate. Hey, did someone say Scoop Soldiers?

  1. Provide ample shade and water

A huge mistake that pet owners make is forgetting how long their pup has actually been outside. Factor in time, heat and sun exposure, and you have one exhausted pooch! Make sure you have provided enough water outside to keep your dog hydrated, as well as offering a shady space for them to sit and cool down after chasing their tail for an hour.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and the last thing that you want is to get your pet sick or harmed by something that could have been prevented. While you’re busy keeping up with yard work and inspecting for new shenanigans that your curious pup might get into, let Scoop Soldiers take care of the dirty work!  If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or the Phoenix Metro area, contact us today to schedule your first poop scooping! As the top-rated pet waste removal company in the southwest and now Atlanta, we’ll make sure your yard is clear of landmines so you, your kids and your dog all have a clean space to run and play.

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