Arcadia OK Pet Waste Removal

No matter what time of year it is, Arcadia OK pet waste removal is still going to be in demand. After all, dogs don’t stop going to the bathroom, and if you let the waste linger on your lawn or property, it is going to consume your land with germs, bacteria, a nasty smell and more.

That’s why Scoop Soldiers is ready to deploy an Arcadia OK pet pooper scooper to your property whenever you need it. Our scoopers are available all throughout the year and we offer flexible scheduling options.

Also, our pet waste removal in Arcadia OK does not require you to enter into a long-term agreement or sign any sort of contract. You can stop your service whenever you want without fear of penalty. 

Flexible Arcadia OK pet waste removal

When it comes to scheduling visits from an Arcadia OK pet pooper scooper, you have a wide range of options to fit your needs. This includes:

  • Once, twice or three times per week: Our weekly service is most popular — it’s the perfect schedule to stay up to date on this important chore. Visits once a week generally do the trick for many clients, but some clients have a lot of dog traffic on their property and require visits even more frequently.
  • Bi-weekly: On the other end of the spectrum, some clients only need a pooper scooper in Arcadia OK once every other week. These clients generally have just one dog.
  • One-time cleanings: Is your property a mess and you just need to clean it up so you can move forward maintaining it? Or, maybe you’re planning a big outdoor get together. Scoop Soldiers can help with our one-time, thorough cleaning service.

An Arcadia OK pet waste removal staff member can answer your questions or help you schedule your service. Give us a call.