Bethany Dog Waste Removal

Instead of spending your time and energy out in the yard picking up dog poop, call in a professional team for Bethany dog waste removal. The team at Scoop Soldiers is standing by to talk to you about the specific needs of your property.

When it comes to dog waste service in Bethany, you need to work with professionals that will do a sufficient job each time they visit and that also offer scheduling options that will allow our team to keep up on this unrelenting chore.

Why dog poop is a problem — a BIG problem

Dog waste removal in Bethany is a worthwhile service for many reasons. Dog poop creates a lot of problems. It can prove to be an inconvenience or hazard to:

  • People: Whether it’s you and your family, or even some friends that you have over for a get together — dog poop is nasty to look at and it’s always a liability to step in. Our dog waste removal company in Bethany eliminates it.
  • Pets: Many of the diseases that dogs pass to each other travel through feces. Our Bethany dog waste removal has the health and safety of your dog in mind.
  • Grass/lawn: Dog poop is even a hazard to your lawn. The chemicals and toxins in pet waste are enough to kill grass. This can leave your property with yellow spots or even bald spots. With our dog waste service in Bethany, you can maintain a beautiful looking property.

With all these potential problems, isn’t it worth a minimal investment to get professional help to eliminate pet waste?

Scoop Soldiers can show you first hand how convenient and affordable our service is. You don’t have to sign a long-term agreement to get our service. Simply call to schedule your Bethany dog waste removal and feel free to stop or change your service whenever you would like.