Bethany OK Pet Waste Removal

Some Bethany OK pet waste removal providers are more concerned with making money off of you and less worried about actually delivering service that is effective. Don’t settle for these guys.

Instead, work with Scoop Soldiers —  a trusted Bethany OK pet pooper scooper. We offer an honest service that will get you noticeable results. We clean and sanitize residential and commercial properties all over the Bethany area, removing the unwelcomed symptoms of unattended dog poop.

Straightforward pet waste removal in Bethany OK you can trust

At Scoop Soldiers, we are hip to the game that other services play. While they advertise bargain basement prices, they end up tacking on a whole bunch of added fees to nickel and dime you.

With Scoop Soldiers and our Bethany OK pet waste removal, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Set-up or initial cleaning fees: When you work with a Bethany OK pet pooper scooper from our team, you will pay per visit. You don’t owe us any money to simply get your account set up.
  • Added fees for extra dogs: Up to four dogs are included in our service packages. We don’t charge you if you have more than one dog. If the number is above four, though, consult with our team to get the pricing for your available options.
  • Long, unforgiving contracts: Working with a pooper scooper in Bethany OK shouldn’t mean that you have to sign your life away. Scoop Soldiers doesn’t make you sign a contract. We have to earn your business each time we visit you.

Whether you are having a hard time keeping your lawn clean, or you manage a pet-friendly commercial property, contact Scoop Soldiers to see what we can do for you. Put our Bethany OK pet waste removal to work for you! Our team can provide you with a free quote right now.

Our Scooping Services are billed the day after your service is completed.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  All clients have access to their account through this website.  From our website you manage your account, ask questions, request or adjust service, and report concerns. You can also see your account balance, invoice and payment history.