Bethany Pet Waste Removal

Here at Scoop Soldiers, our Bethany OK pet waste removal serves a long list of clients — both residential and commercial. Pet friendly properties of all kind can get messy and unsanitary in a hurry, and that’s why our team is here.

We provide thorough Bethany pet waste removal services. We have a detailed, step-by-step process that our team follows to make sure that the messes are addressed the way that they need to be — not just picked up and thrown away. Scoop Soldiers even sanitizes the area so that the invisible germs and bacteria are also removed.

Take advantage of our residential service

Our Bethany pet waste removal services works with a long list of local homeowners. These are men and women that either don’t have time to get out in the yard to pick up after their dogs, or they simply don’t want to.

We provide our residential clients with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Bethany OK pet waste removal, because dog poop clean up is an ongoing battle and you’re not going to win it with just one visit. 

Use our commercial Bethany pet waste removal services

In addition to these residential clients, Scoop Soldiers works with many larger-scale clients. These are dog parks, vet clinics, animal shelters, apartment complexes and many more. It doesn’t matter that these properties are significantly larger — we use the same process to get the same great results.

If you manage a property that has an unusual amount of doggy foot traffic, our pet waste removal company in Bethany can visit you up to three times a week to make sure it always stays clean.

Our team is standing by to talk to you about our Bethany OK pet waste removal. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to get you started. Talk to us!