Blanchard Pet Waste Removal

Thanks for visiting the online home of Scoop Soldiers, where we offer Blanchard OK pet waste removal that keeps your residential and commercial properties clean and sanitary, even when you have dogs leaving behind their stinky little land mines.

With our Blanchard pet waste removal services, you can schedule ongoing visits from our trained, experienced and insured scoopers, who will come to your property and remove all the pet waste and then dispose of it at a sanitary, offsite location.

Our pet waste removal in Blanchard OK also includes sanitation and deodorization methods for extra measure. We are able to kill of the lingering germs and bacteria and eliminate the odor that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Staying on top of an important chore

Picking up dog poop isn’t overly complicated — you can do it yourself, but it just requires a lot of time and energy. This is time and energy that many people don’t have. That’s why they call on our Blanchard OK pet waste removal staff.

Falling behind on this chore can offer a number of unwanted consequences. Dog poop that is left to fester on your property can kill your grass, cause a health hazard to both people and pets, and, plus, it also looks and smells nasty. It’s completely avoidable, though. Our Blanchard pet waste removal services can show you how. 

An affordable pet waste removal company in Blanchard

After taking into account all the time and energy you will save with our service, it’s easy to see that Scoop Soldiers is a worthy investment. In fact, our prices start at just $10 per visit — and we don’t try sneaking in any hidden fees like many of the other services do.

Get a quote right now for your Blanchard OK pet waste removal. You can call our staff directly or submit your information online. We’ll get back to you immediately.