Concho OK Pet Waste Removal

If you love dogs like we do, then you probably want to create a clean, safe environment for them — and our Concho OK pet waste removal service can help make it happen.

We are Scoop Soldiers, and we are a proud Concho OK pet pooper scooper. Our team of scoopers are passionate about removing the hazards that can threaten the health of your dogs. And, when you’re dealing with dog poop, these hazards are numerous.

  • Germs and bacteria: Here’s something to remember — dogs pass a lot of diseases to each other, and the primary mode for this transfer is through pet waste. It’s filled with germs and bacteria that can harm the health of your dogs. We offer pet waste removal in Concho OK that doesn’t just remove the waste itself, but sanitizes your property after it’s gone.
  • Unsanitary pests: Where there is unattended dog poop, there will be pests like flies, maggots and so much more. Pet waste attracts some very unsavory things to your property that can do harm to both people and pets. Our Concho OK pet waste removal can keep them at bay.
  • Unclean and inconvenient: Aside from these health hazards, having poop laying around everywhere makes for an unclean, unhappy environment for your pets. No dog wants to go prancing through poop when they are outside. Give them a nice clean property to enjoy with a Concho OK pet pooper scooper from our team.

We are dedicated to creating safe, clean environments for the pet owners (and pets) that we work with. This includes finding and removing every single mound of pet waste each time we visit.

The pooper scooper in Concho OK that is working on your property will also dispose of it at an offsite location and use eco-friendly solutions to sanitize and deodorize the space.

Call in the Scoop Soldiers!

It’s impossible to maintain a truly sanitary property when there is dog poop everywhere. With Scoop Soldiers and our Concho OK pet waste removal, you won’t ever have to give it a second thought. Contact us for a free quote, or submit your information online.