Concho OK Pooper Scooper Service

Picking up dog poop shortly after your four-legged friend disposes of it is important for a number of reasons, and Scoop Soldiers and our Concho OK pooper scooper service can make sure it gets done in short order.

If you’re like most people, you probably can’t find the spare hours in the week to get outside and pick up the poop left behind by your dog or dogs. You don’t have to sacrifice your precious time when you can make a minimal investment and get reliable Concho OK dog poop clean up.

A lot of pet owners don’t think about hiring a pooper scooper service in Concho OK because they don’t see the harm in letting the waste linger for a little bit. They even subscribe to some of the following common misconceptions.

  • It’s not doing any harm — it just looks gross: Yes, it looks gross and YES — it is doing harm. As experts in Concho OK poop clean up, we can tell you that dog poop is loaded with germs and bacteria that can be harmful to both people and their pets.
  • It’s good for the grass: Don’t get dog poop mixed up with natural manure that is used as fertilizer. Dog poop contains chemicals and bacteria that actually kill grass instead of feeding it. That’s why you need a Concho OK pooper scooper service to remove it right away.
  • It will disintegrate or wash away: A lot of people forgo professional Concho OK dog poop clean up because they figure the poop will dissolve or wash away with the rain. This can take a very long time, and even when it does, the germs and bacteria can linger around for a long time.

Now that you know this, are you interested in bringing in a Concho OK pooper scooper to make sure your property is clean and sanitary?

If so, contact Scoop Soldiers and ask us about our Concho OK pooper scooper service. We have options that fit the needs of all residential and commercial clients.