Edmond OK Pet Waste Removal

Scoop Soldiers and our Edmond OK pet waste removal can protect residential and commercial clients from a serious nuisance: dog poop.

Sure, it might seem harmless enough, but if you don’t get out and pick up the waste left behind by your pups in a timely fashion, you will have more than one problem on your hands. That’s why we provide our clients with visits from an Edmond OK pet pooper scooper.

Each of our pet waste removal technicians are trained to comb your lawn or property to find all the piles of dog poop. As a part of our pet waste removal in Edmond OK, we remove each pile, bag it up and dispose of it at an offsite location. We use eco-friendly solutions to sanitize and deodorize the area, as well.

With this Edmond OK pet waste removal, we are able to protect and preserve:

  • Lawns: Dog poop is not like natural manure that is used as a fertilizer. Pet waste contains chemicals, bacteria and germs that kill grass. If you allow pet waste to sit for too long, it can kill the grass that it’s on. This can hurt the visual appeal of your lawn.
  • Pets: As an experienced Edmond OK pet pooper scooper, we know that the health of your pets is in our hands. That’s because dog poop is filled with germs and bacteria that can get pets sick. It’s very important to isolate your pets from these health hazards.
  • You, family and friends: These same germs and bacteria can be a hazard to people. Plus, with a lawn or property full of poop, you are always at risk of stepping in it and tracking it indoors. With a pooper scooper in Edmond OK from our team, you don’t have to worry about it.

This thorough, proven service is affordable and you can schedule ongoing visits based on your needs. Get started by scheduling your Edmond OK pet waste removal appointments.