Edmond Pooper Scooper Services

Some people have a tough time finding justification for, and spending money on, professional Edmond pooper scooper services. These are the same people that, when they actually try the service, quickly find the value in what they get.

That’s why Scoop Soldiers asks you to give our Edmond pooper scooper company a try, and see what professional pet waste removal can do for you. Instead of digging out the pooper scooper and doing it yourself, you can make a minimal investment and trust your property in the care of the pros.

Scoop Soldiers provides pooper scooper services in Edmond OK to a long list of residential and commercial clients. These are people that value a clean, sanitary lawn and want to shield their pets from harmful germs and bacteria. Scoop Soldiers delivers tremendous value for your money. Just think of all the benefits you get with these Edmond pooper scooper services.

  • A better looking lawn: Pet waste kills grass and can cause profound damage to your lawn. It’s essential to remove the poop regularly if you want your lawn to thrive.
  • Healthy pets: Our Edmond pooper scooper company knows that most diseases passed from one dog to another are done so through feces. That’s why we, not only remove each and every pile of waste, but we sanitize the area to eliminate this invisible threat.
  • Happier neighbors: No one likes to stare at a plot of land that is overrun by dog poop. The smell can be overpowering, too. Our pooper scooper company in Edmond OK will make sure your property is clean so you won’t call attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons.

You can schedule our Edmond pooper scooper services on a weekly, bi-weekly or one-time basis. And, if you’re still unsure about making the investment, we can assure you that you won’t find a better price elsewhere.

You’ve got nothing to lose — we’re not going to make you sign a contract. Simply give our Edmond pooper scooper services one shot and we’re confident you will be hooked.