El Reno OK Pet Waste Removal

We’ve all seen — and are disgusted by — those yards that are overrun by dog poop and with our El Reno OK pet waste removal, you can avoid being that yard. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we tend to one of the most important chores associated with pet ownership.

Picking up the feces left behind by your dog might be a disgusting chore, but it is an important one. Leaving the waste to sit around in your yard causes a whole host of problems, all of which can be avoided with regular visits from our El Reno OK pet pooper scooper.

Ignoring the problem isn’t going to make it go away. In fact, you’ll be dealing with:

  • A lawn that looks unclean and unhealthy. Pet waste kills grass — it doesn’t fertilize it like natural manure does. With our pet waste removal in El Reno OK, you are able to preserve the look of your lawn.
  • The germs and bacteria found in dog poop are a huge hazard. They can cause health problems for both people and pets. In fact, most of the diseases passed from dog to dog are done so through waste.
  • Our El Reno OK pet waste removal even addresses the pungent smell that can linger on a property long after the waste has been removed. It’s part of our thorough process that promises to remove and dispose of waste along with sanitize and deodorize the property.

It’s as easy to avoid these problems as simply getting out and picking up the poop left behind by your dog. But, if you’re busy it can be hard to find time. That’s why regular visits from our El Reno OK pet pooper scooper can make sure this gets done — and gets done right.

The trusted pooper scooper in El Reno OK

Scoop Soldiers is the name that many local residential and commercial clients turn to for these important needs. You can, too. Schedule your El Reno OK pet waste removal or submit your information to get a free quote. Make sure your lawn stays clean!