El Reno OK Pooper Scooper Service

As an El Reno OK pooper scooper service provider, Scoop Soldiers knows how fun it is to own dogs (we have dogs of our own!) but we also know how messy they can be. This is especially true when it comes to their bathroom habits.

Face it; you’re not going to toilet train your dog, which means it’s going to use your lawn as a giant bathroom. That means you have to be diligent about picking up the messes they leave behind. With our El Reno OK dog poop clean up, you can.

Scoop Soldiers makes it easy to schedule ongoing pooper scooper service in El Reno OK. Our scoopers can pay you a visit on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can also provide you with a one-time visit to whip your property into shape in a single afternoon.

Protect your lawn and your pets!

A mound of poop here and there on your property might seem harmless enough, but this stuff can pile up quickly. If you don’t have a consistent El Reno OK pooper scooper service, or you don’t do it yourself, your lawn could be filled with:

  • Unsightly mounds of waste that can kill your grass
  • Germs and bacteria that are found in the waste
  • A pungent odor that will linger everywhere around your property
  • Flies, mosquitos, maggots and other pests that are attracted to the waste

That’s not a pretty sight, and our El Reno OK dog poop clean up wants to save you from that. With each visit, our El Reno OK poop clean up service removes and disposes of the waste for you. We also treat your lawn for those germs, bacteria and odor.

Every time we leave, you can enjoy a clean, fresh and sanitary property — all thanks to our El Reno OK pooper scooper.

Get a quote on your El Reno OK pooper scooper service right now. It’s easy — call our staff or submit your information online via our website.