El Reno Pooper Scooper Services

Picking up dog poop from your property in a timely fashion is really important, and our El Reno pooper scooper services can make sure it gets done. We are Scoop Soldiers, and despite your busy schedule, we make it so that you are able to maintain a clean, sanitary property.

Our El Reno pooper scooper company works closely with residential and commercial clients. We eliminate the hazard of dog waste on their property. Dog poop is filled with harmful germs and bacteria. Pet waste comes with both visible and invisible hazards.

  • Visible: You will notice that, when you leave pet waste to fester on your lawn, it can kill portions of your grass and really hurt the appearance of your property. On top of that, it will attract certain pests, like flies, mosquitos, maggots and more. Our pooper scooper services in El Reno OK can shield your lawn from this unsightly damage.
  • Invisible: It’s what you can’t see that might be most hazardous about unattended pet waste. Germs and bacteria can infest your lawn, even after the mound of poop has been removed. This can be a hazard to both people and pets. Our El Reno pooper scooper services not only remove the mounds of waste, but we extensively sanitize the area left behind so you are left with a clean property.

Our El Reno pooper scooper company is dedicated to creating truly pet-friendly properties for the residential and commercial clients we serve. That means eliminating the health hazards and leaving pups with a fun place to run around on and play in.

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We can bring this thorough service to your property at an affordable price. Starting at just $10 per visit, you can ensure that your property is clean and sanitary.

Talk to us about our El Reno pooper scooper services and even get a free quote. You can call us or submit your information online.