Jones Pooper Scooper Services

Dog poop needs to be appropriately removed from your property and disposed of, and our Jones pooper scooper services will make it happen. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we are one of the leading names in local pet waste removal.

Our Jones pooper scooper company opened for business in 2010, working closely with residential and commercial clients to help them maintain safe and sanitary properties. Dog poop might seem harmless, but it can be a hazard to your pets, lawn and even you and your family.

With our pooper scooper services in Jones OK, you can get regularly scheduled visits from scoopers that will remove the waste from your lawn and dispose of it at our offsite location. We will follow up with sanitation and deodorization methods for added measure.

Why pet waste should be removed

There are so many reasons why dog poop should be picked up right away. All of these reasons underscore how important our Jones pooper scooper services are to the people we serve. Here are just a few reasons you need to remain diligent on doo-doo duty.

  • Pet waste carries germs and bacteria that can harm people and pets
  • When poop mixes with rain runoff, it can cause pollution to the water supply
  • Keeping your lawn clear of dog poop will make it look healthy and nice
  • Keep the neighbors happy with a fresh, clean property
  • Eliminate the chance of stepping in a steaming pile of poop while you’re out

The list goes on and these are all benefits of working with our Jones pooper scooper company. Our service is not only thorough and effective, but it is also affordable.

Go with the trusted pooper scooper company in Jones OK

Scoop Soldiers has a dedicated crew that will make sure your property is cleaned and sanitized the way that it needs to be. Check out our Jones pooper scooper services — scheduling is easy and there are no contracts involved.