McLoud Pooper Scooper Services

Scoop Soldiers and our McLoud pooper scooper services just made it easier to own dogs or manage a pet-friendly property. The biggest drawback to either one is keeping your lawn clean of the hazardous pet waste left behind.

Now, it’s covered. Our McLoud pooper scooper company was formed in 2010 to make sure that residential and commercial clients could spare their time and energy by having our trained scoopers clean up the messes for them. This affordable service comes in handy for all the clients we serve.

  • Pet ownership just got easier: Dogs are so much fun to have around. The one negative to inviting a pet into your home, though, is that they will treat your lawn like a giant toilet. With our pooper scooper services in McLoud OK, your property won’t reflect that. We will keep it clean, sanitary and looking great all year round.
  • Invite pets on to your commercial property: Offering a pet-friendly property is a really strong selling point for businesses. Our McLoud pooper scooper services work for apartments, hotels, dog parks, vet clinics and more to make sure that having dogs on the premises won’t make it an unsanitary mess.

Do you have the time to get outside and pick up the waste left behind for your dogs? This really is an every-week ordeal — if you skip a week, the poop will pile up. Our McLoud pooper scooper company is diligent in our efforts, offering weekly and bi-weekly visits so that you can make sure the poop doesn’t have time to collect.

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We want to thank you for considering Scoop Soldiers and our McLoud pooper scooper services. We’d love to offer you a free quote on your service so you can see how affordable it is. Give us a call or submit an online quote request right now.