Minco Dog Waste Removal

Dog poop is bad news, and Scoop Soldiers is here to address it with our Minco dog waste removal service. We are the name that countless residential and commercial clients call in to make sure their pet-friendly properties are kept, neat, tidy and sanitary.

With our dog waste service in Minco, we are able to address the many problems brought on by dog waste. This is really foul stuff — you probably already know that it looks gross, but think of all the other negative effects it can have.

  • Germs and disease: Dog feces is one of the primary carriers of germs, bacteria, and disease that gets other dogs sick. With our dog waste removal in Minco, we are able to shield you and your pets from this hazardous matter.
  • Environmental hazard: Few people view dog poop as a threat to the environment, but it really is. Just think of all the unsavory things that are in dog poop. This is stuff that can wash away with rain runoff and get into the water supply. Our Minco dog waste removal is designed to remove it from the equation right away.
  • Damaging to lawns: Dog poop isn’t like natural manure that fertilizes grass and crops. In fact, dog poop kills grass and can leave your property looking patchy and unhealthy. Our dog waste service in Minco helps you maintain a beautiful looking lawn.

The list goes on from there — of course, you can’t ignore the nasty stench that will hover over your property when pet waste is present. All of this is addressed by our dog waste removal company in Minco and our affordable service.

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Our scoopers can come visit your property as often as three times a week, but many clients opt for one visit a week. We find, remove and dispose of all the pet waste, so your property will be clean again.

Put us to the test. Let Scoop Soldiers handle your Minco dog waste removal.