Newalla OK Pet Waste Removal

Dog poop might seem harmless enough, but it needs to be addressed in a timely fashion, which is why professional Newalla OK pet waste removal is so convenient.

Scoop Soldiers helps our long list of commercial and resident clients stay on the ball when it comes to keeping their properties clear of this hazardous material. And, that’s what it truly is — look at the chemicals, bacteria and everything else that makes up dog poop. You don’t want people or pets coming near it. We are a Newalla OK pet pooper scooper who can help.

Treating your property for dog poop (and everything that comes with)

With our pet waste removal in Newalla OK, you can maintain a clean and sanitary property. That’s because our scoopers are diligent in finding and removing all the mounds of waste on your property.

But, just as important, the men and women behind our Newalla OK pet waste removal are also removing the harmful byproducts that come with the waste. This includes:

  • Germs
  • Bacteria
  • Disease
  • Unsightly mounds of poop
  • Lingering odor
  • Flies, maggots and other pests

Does that sound like a safe, clean environment to you? It can easily be avoided and our Newalla OK pet pooper scooper service is the answer.

Contact Scoop Soldiers to schedule your service

We offer flexible scheduling when it comes to visits from a pooper scooper in Newalla OK. You can summon the troops out to your property up to three times a week. We also offer bi-weekly and one-time cleaning services.

None of this service involves signing a contract, so you can feel free to start, stop and change it whenever you would like.

Make sure dog poop is not ignored on your property. It could put both people and pets in danger. Instead, turn to Scoop Soldiers and our highly trusted Newalla OK pet waste removal.