Newcastle Dog Waste Removal

With Scoop Soldiers and our Newcastle dog waste removal, we take a very thorough approach to cleaning up your lawn or property. We want to make sure that not even a single mound of pet waste is left behind. In fact, one of our mottos is “Leave no mound behind.”

With our dog waste service in Newcastle, we utilize some great resources to make sure that your property is left clean and sanitary. These include:

  • Trained crews: It all starts with our scoopers. Our dog waste removal in Newcastle is run by poop scoopers that are thorough and diligent in their efforts. They do not cut corners — they want to give you the results you have come to expect from us.
  • Proven process: With Scoop Soldiers, we have trained all the members of our Newcastle dog waste removal staff to follow our step-by-step cleaning process. This includes finding, removing, bagging and disposing the waste in addition to sanitation and deodorization methods.
  • Clean tools: We sanitize our equipment between each job to avoid cross contamination. In addition to these clean tools, we also utilize eco-friendly solutions in our dog waste service in Newcastle so that we don’t harm the environment in the process.

Our dog waste removal company in Newcastle has been working hard for pet owners and their dogs ever since we opened for business in 2010. We are equipped to clean both residential and commercial properties.

Are you interested in seeing how affordable it is? We can provide you with a complimentary quote with absolutely no strings attached. You can see how a minimal investment can save you serious time and energy — not to mention eliminate a real hazard from your property.

Get started now by contacting our Newcastle dog waste removal staff. We’re waiting to hear form you!