OKC Pet Waste Removal Services

As leaders in OKC pet waste removal, we know how destructive dog poop can be. While some of us tend to consider it a minor — yet disgusting — inconvenience, it can actively harm your pets, your lawn, and even the environment.

Scoop Soldiers and our OKC pet waste removal services are designed to stop that from happening. We keep commercial and residential properties clear of pet waste all year round thanks to regularly scheduled visits from our scoopers.

Keep the waste off of your property via our pet waste removal in OKC, which isolates your pets from the germs and bacteria that come with the poop and also allows the grass on your property to thrive. But, consider some of the environmental benefits, as well, just to see how everyone wins in this scenario.

  • When dog poop is left untouched on your property, it can wash away with rain water and introduce the germs and bacteria into the water system.
  • Not only do we remove this environmental hazard, but we do it in an eco-friendly way. Our OKC pet waste removal service utilizes biodegradable bags and chemical-free solutions to deodorize the area.
  • Our pet waste removal company in OKC also has a designated off-site location to make sure that the waste we collect on your property is disposed of responsibly.

Here at Scoop Soldiers, we have an obligation to our clients to deliver them the best possible OKC pet waste removal services that they can get. However, as a locally owned and operated company, we also have an obligation to protect the delicate local ecosystem.

Scoop Soldiers has designed OKC pet waste removal where everyone wins. Get started by contacting our team with some information about your residential or commercial property. We can furnish you with a free quote or help you schedule your service right away.