Oklahoma City Dog Poop Scooper

Oklahoma City dog poop scooper service is now available through Scoop Soldiers, one of the most trusted names in the business since 2010. We invite you to explore our extensive dog poop removal service to see what we can offer you!

Cleaning your residential property effectively

Our poop scooper company in Oklahoma City OK specializes in working with residents. We come to their homes to scour their lawns to find all the dog poop that might be hidden there. We thoroughly sweep lawns, landscapes, gardens, porches, patios — anywhere that a dog could leave their stinky “presents” behind.

With our dog poop scooper service in Oklahoma City, we leave your property:

  • Looking good: Dog poop kills grass, but our Oklahoma City scooper service can remove the threat before the damage is done.
  • Smelling nice: Our Oklahoma City dog poop scooper service also includes a deodorization treatment to eliminate the odor.
  • Sanitary: Dog poop contains germs, bacteria, and diseases. These are all eliminated when our poop scooper company in Oklahoma City OK removes the messes.

All of this is available at a minimal price. Our prices are listed prominently here on our website.

We service commercial properties as well

Our poop scooper company in Oklahoma City OK is equipped to handle the big jobs that come with commercial clients, as well. This includes dog parks, apartment complexes, vet clinics, retail environments and more.

As a commercial property manager, it’s beneficial to your clients to offer the convenience of a pet-friendly space. Your property doesn’t have to suffer for that decision, though. Scoop Soldiers can make sure it is kept clean and sanitary all year round.

Tell us about your property and what type of service you need. We can match you with an Oklahoma City dog poop scooper service that fits those needs and delivers exceptional value for your dollar.