Oklahoma City Pet Waste Removal

Welcome to the leader in Oklahoma City OK pet waste removal. We are Scoop Soldiers, and we specialize in working with both residential and commercial clients to keep their properties clean and sanitary — even when dogs are around, leaving behind their smelly little presents.

With our Oklahoma City pet waste removal services, you can have trained, insured and experienced professionals doing your dirty work for you. They will remove and dispose of the pet waste on your property and go to work sanitizing and deodorizing it for good measure.

With the help of our pet waste removal in Oklahoma City OK, you can have a property that is:

  • Clean and sanitary: This is the primary aim for Scoop Soldiers and our Oklahoma City OK pet waste removal. We know that dog feces has germs, bacteria and diseases in it. That’s why we work so hard to get it out of the path of you and your pets.
  • Usable: It’s not very fun hanging out on a property where you have to constantly dodge piles of dog poop. Our Oklahoma City pet waste removal services allow you to enjoy your lawn or property once again — without an unwanted surprise on the bottom of your shoe.
  • Nice to look at: Dog feces is a huge hazard for your lawn, capable of killing your grass and leaving your lawn as something to be desired. Our pet waste removal company in Oklahoma City keeps this hazard off of your property so you can maintain a nice, lush, healthy lawn.

The goal of Scoop Soldiers and our Oklahoma City OK pet waste removal service is to create the ideal environment for the people and pets that we serve. You can reap the benefits of our hard work and experience by contacting our team and scheduling your service right now.