Oklahoma City Pooper Scooper Business

Welcome to Scoop Soldiers, a proud Oklahoma City pooper scooper business. Our team now offers valuable, highly effective service in the OKC area.

We serve residential and commercial clients, offering them visits from a pooper scooper in Oklahoma City OK that will diligently comb their property to find and remove dog poop. This service is offered along with a variety of scheduling options.

Schedule ongoing service with our pooper scooper business in Oklahoma City

Dog poop pick-up is a unique chore in the fact that it is always needed. Your dog is never going to take a break from going to the bathroom, so you need to be unrelenting when it comes to picking up after them.

With our Oklahoma City scooper business, you can schedule visits from our team up to three times a week. We offer weekly and bi-weekly services that make sure that your lawn is consistently cleaned of pet waste.

Utilize our one-time service

Our Oklahoma City pooper scooper business doesn’t force you to schedule ongoing service — however, our weekly plans are the most popular amongst our residential and commercial clients. We also offer a one-time visit from a pooper scooper in Oklahoma City OK.

For one time only, they will come in to deliver the same great results that they do for our weekly clients. Your lawn will be left completely clean and sanitary — no more dog poop scattered all around the area.

Let our customer service team help you find service to meet your needs

Thanks to these flexible scheduling options, you are able to find a service that fits your exact needs. Our team can help match you up with it. The staff at our Oklahoma City pooper scooper business is standing by to talk to you about your property and its needs. We’d love to help you out.