Piedmont Pooper Scooper Services

While some people dread getting out in their yards to pick up dog poop, Scoop Soldiers and the members of our Piedmont pooper scooper services welcome the challenge! We specialize in working with residential and commercial clients to keep their properties clean of pet waste.

Our Piedmont pooper scooper company consists of hard working, trained scoopers that visit our clients as often or as seldom as they need. Our pooper scooper services in Piedmont OK include:

  • Weekly visits. This ranges from three times a week to just once a week. It simply depends on how quickly the waste accumulates on your property.
  • Biweekly visits. For some clients, the waste doesn’t accumulate quickly at all. Those are individuals usually benefit from our bi-weekly Piedmont pooper scooper services.
  • One-time cleaning services. Some of our clients don’t want regular visits from us, but they do need their properties thoroughly cleaned. They rely on our Piedmont pooper scooper company for a one-time cleaning. This is perfect for spring cleaning projects or to get your property ready before a night of outdoor entertainment.

As you can see, our pooper scooper company in Piedmont OK offers flexible scheduling. None of these services require a contract, meaning you can start and stop it whenever you want. There is no being tied down to an obligation.

Also, these services are highly affordable. We wanted to make sure that clients on all types of budget levels would be able to take advantage of this very important service.

Get a quote on your service right now

We can show you how accessible these Piedmont pooper scooper services really are by giving you a quote on your service. Just tell us a little bit of information about your needs and we’ll get right on it. One of our team members can also help you get your service scheduled.