Shawnee Dog Waste Removal

Chances are that relying on a professional service for Shawnee dog waste removal means that this important chore will be done the right way, every time. When you’re doing it yourself, you probably just want to get it done so you might miss some mounds or not properly remove what you do find.

That’s all right — Scoop Soldiers is here with dog waste service in Shawnee that is tried and true. Our team follows a strict, step-by-step process to make sure that you get great results every time. Those great results come in the form of a property that looks nice, is free of germs and bacteria and smells fresh.

What our dog waste removal in Shawnee entails

With our dog waste removal company in Shawnee, you are able to schedule visits from our scoopers on a frequency basis that fits your needs — from three times a week to bi-weekly visits.

Every time one of our Shawnee dog waste removal team members comes by, they will make sure to.

  • Carefully comb your entire property
  • Find and remove all the mounds of waste they find
  • Bag up the waste and load it into our trucks
  • Dispose of the waste at an offsite location
  • Sanitize and deodorize the area for good measure

Can you honestly say that you do the same when you are picking up your own yard? The answer is likely no, mainly because you don’t have the time, training or tools to pull it off. We do with our dog waste service in Shawnee.

We invite you to utilize our proven service to maintain a property that you can truly be proud of. Scoop Soldiers is a leader in Shawnee dog waste removal and it shows. Schedule your service right now or consult with our team to get your free, no-obligation quote.