Shawnee Pet Waste Removal

Get serious about the dog poop on your property by bringing in a leading Shawnee OK pet waste removal team. Scoop Soldiers works hard to eliminate each and every mound of pet waste on your property so you are left with a lawn that looks great, smells fresh and is also free of dangerous germs and bacteria.

Dog poop is some nasty stuff, and not just because it smells bad. The germs, bacteria, and diseases in it can cause a number of problems, all of which can be remedied by regularly scheduled pet waste removal in Shawnee OK.

  • The majority of diseases that are passed from one dog to another are done so via feces. Rely on Scoop Soldiers and our Shawnee OK pet waste removal so that your dogs don’t come into contact with such a serious health hazard.
  • Dog poop can have the same effect on your lawn — only, the waste will kill your grass and leave your property looking sickly and patchy. Our Shawnee pet waste removal services take the waste off your property before it has a chance to ruin your grass.
  • As an experienced pet waste removal company in Shawnee, we also know that pet waste is considered an environmental hazard. Just think about it — when rain water comes and washes away the feces, the germs and bacteria go with it, thus, seeping into the water supply.

These are big problems caused by little mounds of pet poop. Don’t worry, though, Scoop Soldiers has comprehensive Shawnee pet waste removal services that thoroughly and safely removes and disposes of the waste so you don’t have to worry about it.

We boast flexible scheduling options — get visits from our team weekly, bi-weekly or even just once. As leaders in Shawnee OK pet waste removal, Scoop Soldiers invites you to give our service a try.