Spencer Dog Waste Removal

Is your current Spencer dog waste removal cutting it? Or, are you picking up dog poop on your own and getting tired of it? Either way, Scoop Soldiers is here to help with our highly recommended dog waste service in Spencer.

We work for commercial and residential clients, doing the dirty work of picking up dog feces. This is a thorough service — we don’t just bag up the poop, toss it in the trash and leave.

With our dog waste removal in Spencer, our team of dedicated scoopers will comb your property to locate each and every mound of waste. We remove the waste, bag it up and dispose of it at an offsite location. We also deodorize the property for good measure.

What you can expect from our Spencer dog waste removal staff

Our staff makes the difference that allows us to stand out from other similar services. Our team is full of men and women that are:

  • Dedicated: We love dogs, just like you! It shows in our dog waste service in Spencer. We know that our work affects the health of your pets and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.
  • Professional: When you schedule ongoing service from our dog waste removal company in Spencer, you can count on us showing up on time, as scheduled, wearing nice looking company uniforms.
  • Thorough: Our service is protected by a satisfaction guarantee. That’s because we are so confident in our clean up process. We leave your property completely clear of pet waste.

Are you ready to give it a try? Our service is very much affordable and does not come with any sort of long-term agreement. It’s completely obligation-free!

Schedule your Spencer dog waste removal right now, or get a free quote from our staff. We’re standing by to assist you.