Spencer Pooper Scooper Services

Don’t let dog poop overwhelm your property — rely on Scoop Soldiers and our Spencer pooper scooper services to get rid of it in a timely fashion.

Scoop Soldiers is a leading Spencer pooper scooper company that offers affordable service that is delivered by trained, experienced scoopers who care about your pets and property. Our team can help you remove all the hazardous byproducts that come with dog feces, including:

  • Germs and bacteria: Dog feces is loaded with germs, bacteria and diseases that can be passed from one dog to another. With our pooper scooper services in Spencer OK, we keep these hazards off your property away from your pets.
  • Lingering smell: Even when dog poop is removed, the odor can stick around for days. With our Spencer pooper scooper services, we use eco-friendly solutions to deodorize the area.
  • Lawn damage: Dog poop also kills grass and can damage lawns and landscapes. Scoop Soldiers not only helps avoid this damage, but can make minor lawn repairs in the event it does happen.
  • Environmental hazard: Few people realize that dog poop introduces chemicals and germs into the local water supply when it is swept away by rain water. It is by all intents and purposes a form of pollution. Our Spencer pooper scooper company works to ease the environmental impact of your pets.

Scoop Soldiers is a pooper scooper company in Spencer OK that works for both residential and commercial properties. We provide potential clients with a free, no-obligation quote so they can see how affordable our service is. Plus, we don’t require any sort of contract or long-term agreement.

Our Spencer pooper scooper services can keep your property clean and sanitary on an ongoing basis. Talk to our team to learn more or to schedule your service.