Tecumseh OK Pet Waste Removal

When you hire Scoop Soldiers for your Tecumseh OK pet waste removal, you are getting a professional company whose sole desire is to rid you of your dog’s waste. Since our inception in 2010, we have shown our clients what being free of dog waste really means. Having a professional pooper scooper in Tecumseh OK can free up some of your time so you can use it to do things you love.

A team you can trust

Each member of our Tecumseh OK pet pooper scooper team must pass an extensive background check before coming to work with us. We also carry full insurance, so that you can be assured your home is safe with us. Also, each Tecumseh OK pet pooper scooper will be fully uniformed and our trucks completely marked.

Why remove the waste?

Besides the fact that it’s nasty and stinky, there are other healthier reasons to have the dog waste removed:

  • Plant damage: Because the waste has a high acid content, it will chemically burn and kill any plant life it comes into contact with. Our pooper scooper in Tecumseh OK will pick it up and sanitize any place the pet waste has touched.
  • Attracts unwelcomed guests: Animal waste that has been left in the yard will attract flies, rats, worms and other parasites that could harm you and your pet. This means that having pet waste removal in Tecumseh OK will keep your family healthy.
  • Time to decompose: It can take nearly 365 days for dog waste to fully break down. Without Tecumseh OK pet waste removal, that’s one full year you have to dodge the mounds, while more adds on top of it.

There’s never been a better time to keep your family free of germs and bacteria found in dog waste. To get a free estimate and to hire us for your Tecumseh OK pet waste removal, call us today or submit our contact form online and one of our reps will call you.