Tecumseh Pooper Scooper Services

Join “Operation: Backyard Freedom” today by hiring Scoop Soldiers’ Tecumseh pooper scooper services. We put the joy back in dog owning by taking care of the stinky side of dogs. Face it: no one likes to clean dog waste, but Scoop Soldiers brings professionalism and has become the leading Tecumseh pooper scooper company.

Who are we?

Since we started in 2010, Scoop Soldiers has worked to make our clients the happiest dog owners around. As a member of APAWS, we bring our love of dogs and disdain of dog waste to work with us every day. As a provider of pooper scooper services in Tecumseh OK, this means we save our client’s from the hassle and dirty job of cleaning their pet waste.

What makes us the leading pooper scooper company in Tecumseh OK?

It’s simple. Every day, we go to our clients’ homes with only one goal in mind; give them back their back yard. Our scoopers will:

  • Scour each inch of your yard and remove every mound left behind by your dogs.
  • Sanitize any place on porches and sidewalks that may have been “bombed” since our last visit.
  • As the best in Tecumseh pooper scooper services, we dispose of the waste off-site, keeping the stinky mess away from your trash cans.
  • Lock the gates behind us and keep your dogs securely in.

We love dogs just as much as you. That’s why we don’t mind if they are running around when we visit. They will be safe and secure while we are there.

We save you time

You have a busy life. Having a Tecumseh pooper scooper company can give you that time back and allow you to do the things you love; like playing in your yard without worrying about stepping in dog poop.

Give us a call today to get a free quote and see why we have become the premier Tecumseh pooper scooper services. No matter how big your yard, or how many dogs, we can customize a plan to fit your needs.