Tuttle OK Pet Waste Removal

If you don’t have the services of Tuttle OK pet waste removal, your yard could be slowly dying. Also, if you live in a neighborhood you probably don’t want to call any undue attention to your unsanitary, dirty lawn. Having a trained professional Scoop Soldiers Tuttle OK pet pooper scooper come to your house can put you back in the running for best-kept yard on the block!

Myths about dog waste

There are several myths revolving around dog waste. Most pet owners may have even believed at least one of these before:

  • Dog waste makes good fertilizer: While it is common to use some animal waste as a fertilizer for plants and grass, the same is not true for dogs. Since dogs are considered carnivores, the animal protein causes their waste to be very acidic. This means that if you don’t have reliable pet waste removal in Tuttle OK, the waste will kill your grass
  • It will just go away: This could not be any more untrue. Without a pooper scooper in Tuttle OK, dog waste can remain for nearly a full year. That means that for 365 days, it is contaminating your yard.
  • I can just mow over it: This is a common practice and thought to get rid of it completely. However, without Tuttle OK pet waste removal, mowing will only break it up into tiny, unmanageable pieces and it will contaminate a larger area.
  • The rain will wash it away: True, the rain will break down the waste and potentially remove it away from your yard, but without a thorough Tuttle OK pet pooper scooper, it can contaminate the local water supply.

With all the common myths, there is one fact that prevails; without Tuttle OK pet waste removal, your yard is a breeding ground for disease and pests. Call us today and get started on one of our customizable plans and rid yourself of this nasty problem.